Dear Spectator

Please get familiar with these instructions and follow them in order to have an enjoyable match event.

1. By the Finnish legislation (Assembly Act 1999), football match is a public event and the match organizer is responsible for all safety and security arrangements during the whole match event.

2. The football match organizer is responsible for safety of players, officials, spectators, media representatives and event employees during the whole match event.

3. The football match organizer has a liability insurance for the match event.

4. For safety and security reasons, security checks will be made in all entrances. There is information about the security checks in match tickets, organizer’s web sites and information banners in all entrances.

5. By the Finnish legislation and The FAF Safety and Security Regulations, it is forbidden to bring to the Football match items as:

- Alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.

- Firearms, knives or other dangerous weapons.

- Explosives, fireworks, fire crackers, flares, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnics.

- Racist, political, religious or offensive banners, posters or stickers.

- Vuvuzela or compressed air horns which could endanger spectators’ health.

- Laser pointers, other strong luminosity devices or other objects (all bottles) or substances which can threaten spectators’ health of endanger safety and security of the match event.

6. Entry to a football match must be denied from the spectator who

- is strongly under the influence of alcohol.

- probably will cause disturbances or endanger safety and security or had in his/her possession forbidden items or substances which were found in body checks and which are listed in previous article number 

- might endanger safety and security during the match event because of misbehavior in previous matches.

7. All kind of racism or racist behavior or abusive, insulting or inappropriate shouting is forbidden.

8. It is forbidden to throw any kind of objects from the stands to the pitch.

9. It is forbidden to enter the pitch from the stands without an appropriate permit during the match event.

10. Violations against these regulations might hinder entry to the stadium or lead to the ejection from the match event.

11. Forbidden items (see below)